Replacement Filters
R.O. Faucets
Shower Filter Heads
Replacement filters for micro-filtering systems, reverse osmosis and whole house applications. Low price guarantee..
We stock a wide selection of upgraded
Reverse Osmosis faucets starting from
just $60.
Remove the chlorine from showers with
KDF filter shower heads. $69 for wall mount, $89. for hand held.. Replacement filters $25 each. 
Just imagine, pure water on tap!
Drinking Water Systems
mean less plastic water
bottles. Refill your bottle, 
save money, save 
the planet.
Filter changes are simple for most homeowners. But if you prefer you can book a technician to install your new filters, test your water quality and pressurize your storage tank for just $60. (plus filter price)* 

*some conditions apply, sorry only available in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.
Bottled water is often less regulated than tap water. If you use a cooler, the water that you're purchasing is identical to tap water that's been filtered. Wouldn't it make sense to filter your own?
Please note* On Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph water, we recommend you change your  pre sediment , pre carbon , and post carbon filter only once a year, and your membrane every 3-5 years. Set of three filters: $45. and an encapsulated membrane $90.

Introducing the PENTAIR Encapsulated Membrane, Reverse Osmosis with an amazing 1:1 waste ratio. This unit is U.S. manufactured, with John Guest Fittings. NEVER touch the membrane, easy to change filters, and the water quality assurance that only authentic Pentair products can guarantee.
$699  installed, includes fridge hook-up if required. Your choice of upgraded faucet and an extra set of filters. 
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Fast producing membrane, removes chemicals and contaminants from tap water. No extra stages required, means higher flow rates. Can be installed in most basements and connects to fridges with water or ice dispensers. 
 Comes with a 3 gallon storage tank, an upgraded faucet of your choice and an extra set of filters. Universal sized filters available everywhere!
                                         Requires no tank or drain-line
                                         Produces no waste water
                                         Removes chemicals, but leaves minerals
                                         Does not change PH Balance of water
                                         Safe for upstairs condo installations

3 Stage Drinking Water System

 Includes dual catalytic carbon filters and a certified ceramic cartridge. Ideal for city treated water high in ammonia and chlorine. Comes with an upgraded
faucet of your choice. 

Filters should be replaced every 6 months. 2 x Catalytic carbons at $25. each. Ceramic cartridge can be cleaned every 6 months and replaced every 3-5 years at $90

$499. plus tax
installed locally